PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage


           The Kaitaia Dairy Company Wharf
       On December 10. 1924 the Kaitaia Dairy Company Board accepted a tender for the erection of a new Dairy Factory alongside
    the Awanui River, the contract including a small Wharf and Shed. The factory opened in 1925 and George Alfred Frankham, with
    an eye to the future announced the commencement of a shipping service to Awanui. A short time later he entered into an agreement
    with the Kaitaia Dairy Company and the local businesses for the carriage of butter and general cargo between Awanui and Auckland.
    For more than 35 years a continual stream of vessels plied the river, working the wharf, a delightful and colourful chapter in the
    first half of the 1900's. The end of these halcyon days was heralded by the opening of major wharf and port facilities at Opua
    in the early 1960's. Coupled with improved roading and transport it was the death-knell for the little wharf and in 1962 the last
                                       of the coastal vessels sailed out of the Awanui River.